Looking for home security?

Detecting and resolving potential threats and problems is key to reducing thatch fires.

Thatch Fire Prevention Ltd is synonymous with fire safety in thatch properties; after consultation with the leading thatch insurance companies TFP has introduced a Fire Risk Assessment Survey (FRAS) with the emphasis on the chimney survey, utilising the very latest in specialised camera technology.

TFP's focus is on thatched properties, although our experience, knowledge and technology can easily be applied to other listed and conventional properties.

For a fixed fee, TFP can report on all aspects of fire safety at the property and carry out a CCTV chimney survey, advising accordingly with a written F.R.A.S. report provided on the day of the survey by the attending engineer. Should any concern be identified, you will be advised to contact a HETAS approved engineer.

In the event that this information is required by insurer, we can provide a detailed report and video footage at their written request.

If a property has a TFP "Phoenix" chimney monitor system installed, an annual Fire Risk Assessment is carried out free of charge as part of the Phoenix maintenance and monitoring programme.

  • Other elements inspected are the use and condition of spark arrestors, the use and location of heat sources (including halogen floodlights, BBQ's, etc.), height of chimney above thatch, usage of open fires and multi-fuel appliances, location of water sources externally to the property, etc.

Why do you need a Fire Risk Assessment Survey?

  • The majority of thatched properties are deemed high risk especially if fitted with wood burning stoves, some insurers may ask for an inspection prior to considering cover
  • When selling a property, time and potentially costly price negotiations could be avoided if a comprehensive report on fire safety is available for inspection
  • Insurance companies may require a survey following a specific claim or incident
  • But above all a TFP Fire Risk Assessment Survey combined with TFP's Phoenix chimney monitoring system gives homeowners additional peace of mind
  • Optional electrical surveys are available utilising our NICEIC approved technicians.